high-profile chickens

Everyone writes about backyard chicken. But the frontyard chicken has a much bigger positive impact on creating community in our neighborhood. I experienced this first hand in my Etna house days. Whenever the chickens were in front of the house people (who would otherwise just have walked by) would stop, look, smile, and start a conversation. I had the same experience here at 1917 Chestnut.

This will be downtownfarm‘s sister blog once things really take off.


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    karl said,

    interesting thought about the front-yard use, i hadn’t thought of that. we’ve been thinking of getting chickens when we move somewhere with more yard space. a front yard display could be fun! or a hybrid approach may be to move them to the front yard on the weekend …

  2. 2

    dana said,

    Any chance you can send me pics of the inside of that chicken coop?

    It’s the perfect size and plans for what we need!

    I saw your pics of the chicken coop being built, but there’s no “inside” details shown.

    Any help, tips, etc.. would be greatly appreciated!


    • 3

      downtownfarm said,

      why don’t you just stop by and have a look? i will do things differently for the next coop. this one is more of a chicken tank than a chicken tractor. too heavy (but very predator safe) … (-:

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